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Alex Rudinger's Finger Technique: Breakdown & Training

Alex Rudinger's Finger Technique: Breakdown & Training

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This download includes a zipped file containing 3 items:

1) A brief introduction (.PDF File)

2) 20+ Minute Performance Video with Examples, Explanations, Technique Break-Down, Exercise Break-Down(s), & tons of Nerd-Talk! (.MP4 File, rendered in 720p - just to keep download-size to a minimum)

3) Technique Explanation & Practice Exercise(s) written out (so you can easily refer back to them), along with other useful information (.PDF File)

I've been using this technique for nearly a decade now & have certainly put it to good use. This download covers everything you need to know to learn the technique yourself & start training it! If you're looking to increase your hand speed, I think you will find this download useful! 

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