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Alex Rüdinger's Foot Endurance Exercise

Alex Rüdinger's Foot Endurance Exercise

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This is my most-sold instructional video - my O.G. Foot Endurance Exercise!

This download includes a zipped file containing 3 items:

1) A brief introduction (.PDF File)

2) 20+ Minute Performance Video with Examples, Explanations, Exercise Break-Down, Pro-Tips, & Pedal Settings (.MP4 File, rendered in 720p - just to keep download-size minimum)

3) Endurance Exercise written out, with further explanation on calibrating it to your current skill-set, as well as other useful information (.PDF File)

I get more questions about my Foot Endurance Exercise than anything else. I've done it on & off for nearly a decade now, and it has helped me achieve everything that I've wanted to achieve when it comes to Single Stroke Double Bass. If you're looking to improve your SPEED, STAMINA, CONTROL, & even POWER, I think you will find this download useful.

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