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My Process: How I Learn Music (w/ Alex Rudinger)

My Process: How I Learn Music (w/ Alex Rudinger)

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A sixty-plus minute video demonstration / screen recording of my process for learning music. Specifically - how I go about learning songs for bands I work for, in a detailed & efficient way. In addition to showing you how I work, this video also elaborates on working in a Digital Audio Workspace (DAW), & a Transcribing Software (like GuitarPro, Finale, or Sibelius) - starting with the basics for anyone who is unfamiliar with them. Plenty of Pro-Tips, & of course - a ton of Nerd-Talk! 

The download includes a zipped file containing 4 items:

1) The 60+ Minute Video file (.mp4) (rendered in 720p - just to keep download size to a minimum)

2) PDF file with additional / general information

3) GuitarPro Transcription File of "The Saw Is The Law" by Whitechapel (the song used for demonstration in the video)

4) Transcription File .PDF Copy (for anyone who wishes to view it but doesn't use GuitarPro)

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